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Intellectual Property


In 2010, Altucell obtained the intellectual property and patent rights on the research originated by the team at the University of Perugia, Italy, led by Dr. Riccardo Calafiore, M.D. in an agreement with the University of Perugia.


The 3 global patents are:


1. ALTSULIN: PCT/1B2009/055847

A microencapsulation process of Sertoli cells, microcapsules obtained and their use for prevention and cure of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

  • Sertoli cells (SC) are microencapsulated into hydrogel based microcapsules, for the prevention and/or treatment of Type1 diabetes mellitus (T1 DM) without resorting to any transplantation of hexogen pancreatic islets (either human or animal).
    • Induces both the neo-genesis of beta-cells, destroyed by the diabetic pathology, and "cutting off” the same autoimmune process


2. ALTUCAP: PCT/1B2009/050221

A process for the ultrapurification of alginates.

  • Results in a microencapsulation for human cell transplants. The process is advantageously applied to the purification of the starting powder of pharmaceutical grade sodium alginate, removing endotoxins and endogenous pyrogens, yet preserving the molecular structure of the product.
  • Microcapsules Endotoxin content size is <0.5Eu/g, meets FDA threshold for human transplant; has already been planted into humans with no adverse side effects

3. ALTUSTEM: U.S. PATENT 14/680,850

A stem cell derived myofibroblast isolated from Wharton jelly of a human umbilical cord in ultra purified clinical grade micro encapsulation.