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mission statement

The Company Altucell was founded for the sole purpose of finding a cure for type1 diabetes, which the CEO Gary Harlem's son is inflicted with.

ceo - Gary Harlem, founder Gary R. Harlem is an accomplished entrepreneur highly respected within the health care industry. Currently he is engaged in spearheading his private pharmaceutical company with a world renowned medical team both in the United States and internationally in the fight to cure auto-immune type 1 diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions. He is a well rounded, world traveled genuine person that has a strong passion and unmatched vision for people to live healthier lifestyles.

Before joining the fight against type 1 diabetes, Harlem (father of three) has served the health care industry for over thirty years first establishing an herbal tea company Body Breakthrough, Inc. in 1989, designed to sell regionally. Within a year Body Breakthrough grew nationwide, servicing health food stores and opening up accounts with corporate chains across the board. In 1990, he launched a separate nutritional supplement company called Action Labs as Chief Executive Officer, establishing sales to the health food industry, which included the major health food chains nationally, eventually selling off to a public entity.

Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to launch another company called USA Nutritionals as CEO. In 1995 USA Nutritionals expanded into mass trade, drug chains, and private pharmacies both nationally and internationally. Mr. Harlem’s dedication, perseverance and world travels enabled him to find a protocol from Italy, which demonstrates the most advanced cutting edge technology supported by efficacy studies and promising results to bring an end to this horrific disease effecting so many peoples lives.